EXCLUSIVE: Chris Brown New Single ‘Lipstick On The Glass’


NEW music from Chris Brown!! Brown has been in an out of the media with his love for Rihanna, fight with Frank Ocean and alleged fake community service hours it is about time the music comes first. Check out inside an exclusive for his new single, ‘Lipstick On The Glass.’

The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

Nothing better than new music. Chris Brown comes at us with another banger to add to the charts. The newest song and exclusive called, Lipstick On The Glass.

Check out the full song below:


  1. Love your looks and RIRI just put your self in God hand and keep out of problem with outher trust God youth one love , and keep your head up Bless up always

  2. Nope doesn’t sound like Breezy until the 2nd verse and I am still not convinced. I get trying to switch it up artistically but….

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