Fantasia Is Pregnant! (VIDEO)


There had been some rumors circulating about whether or not Fantasia was pregnant and now she’s confirmed it for us all! In a video (posted by @MsiCandi via Twitter), she told a crowd of people that they were the first to learn of the news. She also confessed how she was afraid of what people would think of her but talked about her faith in God and how He is the one who gave her this child. So there you have it folks. Ms. Barrino is preggers! We don’t know who the father of her child is yet but we will be sure to let you know when we find out! In the meantime though, who do you think her baby daddy is? Antwaun Cook?


Spotted @TheYBF


  1. :/ I mean God does not judge until we are I wont JUDGE her. However, I will say this, her daughter is looking at her thinking this is ok. It’s more than likely going to end her career.

  2. Fanny is a hot sloppy fat A** mess!!! Like who allows themselves to get knocked up by a no good married man??? I don’t care if he is separated, he is still married and their relationship was and is all wrong and a baby should have not come out of it. Fanny done fell off, she will never be the same but it’s her choice and her life so I can careless because I ain’t got to sleep with her nasty looking self and I ain’t got to help raise the kid so it is what it is

  3. SMDH AT SOME OF THESE MESSAGES! Congrats Tasia. God Is The Only One You Have To Answer To. Regardless Of What You Do In Your Personal Life Your Talent Speaks For Itself. Good Luck With Your Pregnancy!!!!!!

  4. She was actually my favorite artist, now I wouldn’t buy a bootleg CD!!! She is such a big disappointment. Her and Alicia Keys will experience Karma like no other.

  5. I am going to reserve my judgment, I just hope Fanny is investing her money better this time, because now she going to take care of Antiones, his kids with his wife, and the the other one she has coming. Dude worked at a cell phone kiosk, so you no he is broke as hell.


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