Fantasia Performs On American Idol+ New Movie Role



Fantasia provides us everythingwe need for our musical enjoyment. The soulful songstress hit the stage on ‘American Idol’ where she performed ‘Collard Greens & Cornbread’ from her critically acclaimed ‘Back To Me’ album. And I have to say my Tasia kept it casket sharp and hills that I know she want to take off but she looked great…

Just so yall know Tasia is preparing for her new movie role and has which explains the  extra pounds she has gained, she says it’s on purpose — she’s getting into character for a new movie, in which she’ll star as soul singer Mahalia Jackson and has been told to gain 30 to 45 pounds for the role,” her rep confirmed.

She was extra clean thanks to one of the industry top stylus Shun Melson.. just so yall know theshoes are Y jaiselle and louboutins

See Fantasia in action below:


  1. i f-ing love love love love Fantasia!!! she looked so beautiful.. love the hair, the voice and the spirit! I bought her CD.. was the best CD Ive listened to in a LONG time.. real soulful, got my money’s worth and them some- love you Fantasia!


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