Fergie Leaves The Black Eyed Peas & Ashanti May Replace Her


The rumor mill is swirling with reports of a possible Black Eyed Peas lineup change.

Eurweb says Ashanti may be called in to take Fergie’s place when BEP’s frontwoman dips out of the spotlight for an indefinite leave of absence later this month.

Insiders say Ashanti was brought on to the Peas’ recent world tour to see if she could work with the band and she has apparently left a good impression.

An official announcement will reportedly be made sometime this month.

Fergie is expected to begin her hiatus from the Black Eyed Peas after the group’s last scheduled show on November 23rd. The singer wants to focus on starting a family with her husband, actor Josh Duhamel and her fellow group members are showing support for her decision. Taboo recently told the “New York Times” “She definitely wants to have a family and we’re happy for her.”


  1. Yay for Fergie! It’s good to know when its time to step out the spotlight to focus on family. I’m excited to see what Ashanti will do.

  2. Fergie, girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you betta stay and continue to get that guap. But, is she’s stepping away to start a family, then that’s understandable. My question is: Why Ashanti? I’m not feelin’ that match-up. Like Shante stated, I will prolly not listen to the Black Eyed Peas because of this. Who they should get is AMERIE. I like her. Too many people sleepin’ on her, yo.

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  4. This story is such a FUCKIN FAIL.comORGgovEDU&net!!!! It doesn’t even make sense 1.) They are going on a hitaus and B.) they are still on TOUR together what sense does it make that Ashanti will be replacing her. It’s just a picture people. SMFHHHHHHHH [-_____-]


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