Finale of “Toya: A Family Affair” Shows Toya’s Wedding + New Photos

This evening BET aired the final episode of my girl Toya’s show Toya: A Family Affair. Fans got to watch Toya and Memphiz say “I Do” from the comfort of their home.  The wedding resembled every bit of a fairy tale even though not all members of her family (particularly her brothers with the exception of Rudy) were able to attend.  While not all of her family made it out we did see celebs take part in the wedding such as Tiny and Monica. Parts of the wedding that I’m sure gave all the ladies out here a chance at real love is when Memphitz was seen tearing up at the wedding when he saw Toya. Stuff like that makes us all believe that we have a shot at true love.  The reception looked to be a super fun party too. If you watched carefully, it looked like guests were doing the new line dance Wobble.  Viewers of the show were all over twitter showing their love and congrats to the couple.

In other news about Toya, we all saw how hard she worked on the opening of her store during her show. Well now we have some good news for fans! She is going to have her Garb Boutique on the internet very soon!!! This will be great because I know that there are a ton of fans out there who want to shop at her store but are unable to make it down to New Orleans. Toya is also working on another big project but I won’t be able to release the details about it just yet. What were your opinions on the final episode of the show? Did you like the wedding?

12 responses to “Finale of “Toya: A Family Affair” Shows Toya’s Wedding + New Photos”

  1. prettypretty says:

    It was absolutely beautiful, i loved every mintue of it and am so proud of toya she work very hard nd she deserves it…..memphitz makes her happy.

    I cant wait for the store online

  2. rere28cool says:

    Toya is so happy and I’m glad she didn’t let the fact of her brothers not show up get 2 her

  3. Shakira says:

    I am very happy for Toya and new husband she was a very beautiful bride, they make a beautiful couple. I got teary eyed when I saw the episode last night. Best wishes for the future. The part when she said she will never forget where she came from. I have a new line of Respect for her. No matter how much fame and fortune you have, never forget who your family and friends were. Because fame and fortune comes and go, but family will always be there. YOU HEAR ME KEYSHIA COLE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. kyndra says:

    @shakira keyshia cole didnt forgt where she came from she did everything for her family and if it wasnt for her then the wouldnt be where they are today. keyshia cole hae her on family to take care of now. so you need to stop hatin and get you fact together and yes im feelin some type of way right no.

  5. TT says:

    This young lady is very blessed to have been found by such a wonderful man who clearly loves her. I loved the wedding and I am so happy for her. Wayne was not the one, he is shit, she truly married a “REAL MAN”.

  6. TT says:

    Wayne is one of those men that doesn’t know what he wants, he hates himself so this is why he refuses to big up a brown skin women, everything is red bone this and that. So Toya letting go and moving on was the best move, Wayne will always be bouncing from one chick to the next because he can’t love himself so he can’t love any one else. Loving making money doesn’t complete you, finding love within your inner self and the willingness to share it with someone regardless of their skin tone is love.

  7. Shea says:

    The wedding was absolutely beautiful!! It is a wonderful feeling when you find the one you want to spend your life with. Toya was an extremely beautiful and stunning bride as well as Memphitz was a very handsome groom. I like the fact that Reginae has an exceptional relationship with her stepfather. You do not see that a lot these days. I was glad to see both of Toya’s parents and her brother Rudy at the wedding. However, it saddened my heart that all of her brothers were not there especially knowing how she bends over backwards to be there for them. I pray for the best for Memphitz, Toya, Reginae, and their families! May God continuously bless their union!

  8. sexyshelly says:

    God Bless love yall

  9. peace says:

    I love you for being a strong young woman. You deserve lots of love and happiness in your life.
    Your mother is an inspiration to alot of women. I’m so proud of you and your family. Your father was so happy on your wedding day. Your mother was so beautiful. I hope she keeps up the good work, she seems so happy and proud of her healing. I wish you and Memphis all of Gods blessings in your marriage. Your father seems so happy now and both your parents look good together. It was so nice to see them on different occassions and their is no animosity between the two. It’s nice to see your parents wanting to do right by you and your siblings and to see the growth in your family is a blessing. I LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND WISH YOU ALL GODS BLESSINGS. I ALSO BELIEVE YOU MARRIED INTO A WONDERFUL FAMILY “{THE WRIGHT FAMILY}” LOVE YOU TOYA!”

  10. peace says:

    I’m excited to see season 2. I wish Memphis and Toya’s family the best in all their endevours. The wedding made me teary eyed, it was beautiful, not too much but just beautiful what we could see on the show. “God Please Keep This Family Together Forever” !

  11. Pooche says:

    Will there be another season of Toya A Family Affair? Season 2012 I believe, how can I find out if and when it airs. I hope there will be one!!!!

  12. danielle says:

    Is u comin back on

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