Ghetto Proms Pictures


Ever witness a baby while y’all were doin the butterfly on the dance floor?

So with Prom Season 2011 in full effect, FreddyO has decided to take our older visitors on a trip down memory lane. Now do ANY of you remember the busted, ratchet, broke down juniors and seniors at y’all schools back in the day?

Ever wonder why someone would wear this to prom and not on the basketball court?

Do ANY of you ever remember thinking to yourself, “DAMN, what was this negro/heffa THINKING when they put that outfit on?’ If you’re sittin in your chair like “Hell Yeah!”, then you definitely need to check out some of these ghetto prom pictures from back in the day! Also feel free to email us some crazy prom pictures of your own so we can add ’em to the site!

Check out more ghetto prom pics!



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