Giveaway: Win a Pair of Tickets to Attend Atlanta’s Advanced Screening of #preachersofLA Premiere!



Are you a fan of “Preachers of LA”? I am a huge fan of the Oxygen docuseries that shows the life and time’s of the most iconic figures in the Church. If you are in Atlanta you should enter my giveaway for the advanced screening.

Check out the details below. 
If you are in Atlanta and a big fan of “Preachers of LA” you should enter my giveaway. The event is next Monday and it’s going to be epic!

The advanced screening will feature Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Ron Gibson, and Pastor Wayne Chaney. The event is a chance to meet your favorite ministers, get a good word of inspiration/motivation, and to see the premiere of season 2 of Preachers of LA!

How to win a pair of tickets:

1. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite preacher from the series.

2 You can also tweet me @FreddyO with the hash #preachersofLA

3. You must be in ATLANTA and can attend the event!

We will pick our winner Sunday, August 10, 2014 at 11:00 AM EST. Just in time for church service!

Good LUCK!

Special thanks to the homies over at Oxygen for giving me these tickets!


  1. I’m a HUGE fan of “Preachers of LA”. Having grown up in the church myself, I can relate to a lot of the situations and circumstances the preachers face. My favorite preacher is the ONE AND ONLY Bishop Ron Gibson! I admire his fearlessness and his authenticity.

  2. Pastor Noel Jones is my favorite. He appears to be dedicated to his ministry and serving people. His strong work ethic is admired

  3. Bishop Ron Gibson is my favorite, he has a passion for the people, winning souls for Christ. He did not forget where he came from, he went back to minister to the hood.. I like how he’s straight forward, his style, and that I’m not scared side. Overall the show is good and I will be watching this season.

  4. My absolute favorite bishop of preachers of LA is Deitrick Haddon. When you start to look for a church home and sit in the house of God you want the preacher to not judge you or crucify you because of what you have been through and are going through because you are only a human being. And Deitrick exemplifies a true survivor being that he has been through struggle, child out of wedlock, family on drugs and the whole nine. And for me I want my pastor to have some bruises on him so they can say,” I’ve been where you are, I’m not here to judge, but I’m going to help you through this situation”. And that is what Bishop Haddon can say but still love you and not judge. So I will be watching because of him


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