Guess Who Booty This Is


I must say its hard out here for a singer thats trying to get a hit. She went from baby got back to baby got flat… From the looks of this outfit she’s willing to put anything on to get some press… LOL  Shot out to Dlisted for the pics.. I’m Just Playing… Click here to see all the pics

Here are some pic’s of J lo on New years night in NYC doing it big

Im Just Playing

14 responses to “Guess Who Booty This Is”

  1. What did she have on? She knows better than that. She looked horrible.

  2. Screwed Priorities says:


  3. Ty says:

    she look stupid… ass all droopy and shyt… lol

  4. Ty says:

    she look stupid… ass all droopy and shyt… lol

  5. Screwed Priorities says:

    ^^ I wonder if 3-Six Mafia still want them girls with that J-Lo Booty * rotflmao*

  6. J.B. Hancock says:

    She needs to sit down and retire, her run is definitely over…

  7. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Yikes — Er……er………….

    For real though, Spanish women DON’T hold their figures – in the long run! Just like Asian women; their faces get like, all “puffy-looking” when they’re in their 30’s – don’t get mad at me; take a look and y’all will see for yourselves!!
    White folks too — they don’t age well – all the plastic surgery in the world…I’m just sayin’!

    Look at Mariah and Halie Berry – the ones who ARE mixed – for the most part, DO NOT AGE WELL!!! Vivica done messed herself up, now SHE won’t age well – if she’d have let nature take it’s course, her 40’s would have looked like her 30’s; so now, she’ll look like the rest of ’em!

    Keep your eyes on Brandy and Alicia Keys, y’all gonna laugh in 10 years, if you ever, at THAT time, see ’em side-by-side! Mary J. Blige and Mariah, aren’t they like the same age? Well, roughly? Mary J. – though she’s stupid for that “Kendu-incident,” looks good – she’ll “keep-well!!”

    And the moral of the story – “WE, should be happy with who WE are,” talent, perseverance, and luck! …..At-the-end-of-the-day….time is on YOUR/OUR side!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  8. AAA says:

    it dont matter what race you are ..u dont have to be black to have a figure or to age well …not all black women have big asses and age gracefully….i think she just wore ass pads…

  9. Mizzez Sunshine says:

    seriousy if you had kids to run behind all day ya”ll sure wouldn’t have time to hit da gym on a regular basis. give her a break.

  10. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    @AAA — But STILL….what happened to J Lo? Where did it go? And why in hell is SHE, of all people, wearing pads? Man, I remember J Lo was the SHYT….look at her now!!! ….Yikes……

    X,Y, “and Z” — OUT!

  11. l says:

    When it’s time to hang up the spandex, it’s time to give it up and move on to the next venture.Please, ladies, I am begging you,puts some respectable clothes because you guys are getting old and your body needs a rest.

  12. AAA says:


  13. Maria F says:

    fake fake fake… that’s where it went!! she lost that flat tummy when she had her twins too… smh should’ve worn something else JLo, ppl still laughing at ya

  14. sheena says:


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