Halle Berry Doesn’t Talk to The Black Side Of Her Family?




Halle Berry black side of the family is trying to blast her for cutting them off. Her estranged half-sister has now come forward to say the Oscar winner has cut herself off from her father’s side of the family.

Renee Berry, 51, is the 44-year-old daughter of Halle’s late African-American father Jerome Berry and Edwina Taylor – who broke up with him shortly before he started dating the actress’mother Judith Hawkins.

Although Jerome and Judith split up when Halle was just four years old, EURweb is reporting that Renee says she remained “very close” to the future Hollywood star while they were growing up. But apparently, things have changed.


“I’m sad to say it seems like she does not want anything to do with us. I have not spoken to her in about five years, Renee told the Daily Mirror. “I tried to contact her through her website, to congratulate her on her Oscar, but no one got back to me.”

“We would love to meet Nahla, Renee continued. “We are desperate to understand why Halle is so upset, why she feels she cannot be with us.”
Renee Berry
Renee, currently working in the food service industry in Alabama, claims Halle was angry with her when she made a public plea to visit Jerome when he was dying from Parkinson’

s Disease.

In interviews over the years, Halle has alleged Jerome was a violent alcoholic who beat her mother Judith in front of her and sister Heidi. In an interview two years ago, Halle said: ‘I saw my mother battered, and could not do anything to stop it. My father was tyrannical, lashing out at her for no reason. I felt the effects that had on our family – I’ve experienced what these women have gone through.”
Despite Halle’s negative memories of her childhood with Jerome, Renee paints a very different picture of their father as a “good man.”

“My father never beat any of us. He would spank us from time to time, but he never abused us,” said Renee. “He liked a drink or two, like anyone else does, but he was not an alcoholic.”


  1. Well, thats why she has not contacted you all. Respect her (Hallie) enough to agree to disagree when it comes to the sensitive subject such as their father. People kill me….Why can’t Hallie feel the way she feels, why did you have to PUBLICLY ask for her to see her father. Their were obvious reasons, whether you agree or not there were still reasons. respect that and move on. smh

  2. yea her coming out with this public statement now will really make halle talk to her, especially with her going through this custody thing….this really helps lol . All these celebrities want is privacy and their family always want to issue public statements about private matters n then wonder y they have a problem with it. gabriel probably paid her to start this mess… i feel sorry for halle cuz it seems everybody is just out to use her and dirty her image….n she probably got paid to say this…smh

  3. Well I would not worry about it it is what it is just keep it moving people can clearly see something is wrong with Halle she does not have it all up stairs whats on the outside looks good but the inside is ugly u can tell with all the men she date they leave her azz cause she’s crazy but I would not care if she reach out or not cause family is the worst ones to deal with any way and that will be 1 less crazy azz in my way lol money or no money I wouldn’t want a crazy b*tch in my life lol


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