Halle Berry is Being Called a Crazy Broad…….AGAIN!


Emmy Award winning actress, Halle Berry, and her pretty ex-beau, Gabriel Aubry, are entering in to what an insider says may end up being a nasty custody battle.

A source close to the couple tells RadarOnline.com, that the X-men star has had numerous tantrums and screaming matches with Gabriel.  The source even stated that Halle may have watched one too many episodes of “Cheaters”, and hired a PI to follow Gabriel around.  Sources say:

Basically whenever Gabriel doesn’t do exactly what Halle tells him to do, or if he does something she doesn’t approve of or like, she goes crazy on him, screaming and shouting. I’ve been with him when he’s gotten these insane calls from Halle — with her screaming at him and going crazy, when the poor guy hasn’t done anything!

Word on the street is Halle’s temper has forced Gabriel to file for legal custody of their daughter, Nahla.  But Gabriel says that Halle is a great Mom.

Well, I guess this is just another story that will throw fuel on to that “Halle Berry is FINE, but she has to be CUH-RAZY!” fire that has been burning for some years now.

What’s your thoughts?


  1. fine or not, halle can’t make a relationship work to save her life. its not for her. she should just date women or buy a bunch of cats. there is NO WAY that every relationship that she has failed because of the dudes she was dating. after a while, you have to stop and ask yourself, “what am i doing wrong?” Halle is crazy- fine, but crazy. this is not new.

  2. Some women who have survived bad relationships become mean, defensive, assertive and aggresive. They do not need to be alone, but they do need to explain themselves before starting a new relationship. It is a work in progress, learning to trust again is hard.

  3. Halle dates a half a dozen brothers who refuse to have a kid with her and then dogs all black men by saying “she tried with them”, then she gets with 1 white dude and NOW people know she’s crazy? The truth is too many women are crazy in this way, that the nicer you are too them the more outrageous their behavior is towards you. If you have a baby with them, then you’re stuck with them and you’re going to be talked to any old way they please by them.


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