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Hilary Duff Caught Giving Boyfriend Head After Receiving Million Dollar Engagement Ring


I was lost for words after I saw these pictures of Actress Hilary Duff using her head (literally) to express her gratitude to her boyfriend fiance hockey player Mike Comrie for presenting her with a diamond engagement ring worth over $1 million.

Gossiponthis is reporting that while on vacation in Hawaii this week, Mike proposed to Hilary and gave her the million dollar ring, which led Hilary to return the favor with a special gift of her own. I must say if I gave her A$$ a million dollar ring I bettter be getting more than some head. I guess this is the end of her disney movies. What would you do if someone gave you a million dollar ring?  Continue reading to peep the naughty pics…


O my God is this really happing


Yes Yes Yes ….


O My God wait till I tell all my friends… I need to do something special for him…


O ya baby your the best your best…

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