Hilary Duff Caught Giving Boyfriend Head After Receiving Million Dollar Engagement Ring



I was lost for words after I saw these pictures of Actress Hilary Duff using her head (literally) to express her gratitude to her boyfriend fiance hockey player Mike Comrie for presenting her with a diamond engagement ring worth over $1 million.

Gossiponthis is reporting that while on vacation in Hawaii this week, Mike proposed to Hilary and gave her the million dollar ring, which led Hilary to return the favor with a special gift of her own. I must say if I gave her A$$ a million dollar ring I bettter be getting more than some head. I guess this is the end of her disney movies. What would you do if someone gave you a million dollar ring?  Continue reading to peep the naughty pics…


O my God is this really happing


Yes Yes Yes ….


O My God wait till I tell all my friends… I need to do something special for him…


O ya baby your the best your best…


  1. Ain’t nothing wrong wit that..yall know…lol If that nigga whudda gave me a mil $ ring, I whudda gave his ass some head to…that’s a mil on my finger. He deserved it. Get it Mz. Duff.

  2. the funny part is that the media twisted this shes obviously kissing his chest , but hey they probly planned this anyway for publicity…….. GO Team DUff , these are great staged photos. good job freddyO

  3. I was giving him head he wouldn’t be smiling all goofy like that. His eyes would have been rolling into the back of skull, his mouth would be wide open yelling Oh God. If he was my guy he’d be sweating and shit, with his hands on my head “like yeah get it bitch.”
    Now all I need to do is find a million dollar man to get some of this million dollar head game!

  4. To: Wetdreamz

    Im tyler, im dhat million dollar man yhu been lookinq faa. all yhu need 2 do is lay on dhaa bed and give meh head. dnt have 2 ask, dnt have 2 beg. lick on my nobs like corn on dhaa cobb.

  5. Everyone that said she couldn’t be giving him head obviously has no knowledge of male anatomy or sexual positions. If his penis was at least 5 inches long, she could very EASILY be giving him head in this picture and I believe that SHE IS. Too many virgins commenting on this…

  6. She has quite the mouth on her, I bet she gives great head… too bad its wasted on him… or was since they are now over.

  7. I remember this on TMZ. They knew the paps were watching, and did it for a joke. Duff is a nice girl, with a bad girl’s sense of humor. Ha!

  8. If it was real or a joke it shouldnt be any body bussiness if she wants to give him a blowjob thats up to her .


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