Ice Cube Clowned By Anchors On The ‘Today Show’



Ice Cube, former member of the rap group NWA, has revamped his gangsta rap image (August 19). He is now a respected aactor, screenwriter, film director, and producer. Because of his drastic image change, the ladies on the Today Show took a few jabs at the ‘former gangsta’ rapper. It wouldn’t be the first time people have pulled his gangsta card. Besides Cube, you too old to be bangin’…

Cube: You know we gotta keep it gangsta now.

Ladies: “But you are not a gangsta”

Cube: Of course I am, Of course I am.

Ladies: “But you are married, you are like the family guy in the suburbs…” Check out the video below!!


  1. Jada sometimes we just have to say no to our children; “Especially when the look is extreme. “but don’t get me wrong sister I’m not hating just giving my opinion, because my daughter saw Willow’s hair and she asked if she could do the same and as I said no, but I told her that she can call all the shots and pull all the stops when she turns 18.

  2. Cube has come a long way…. Those old birds just didn’t understand what he was talkin about… LOL.. Keep it Gangsta… doesn’t imply he is a gangsta… LMAO>>>> Ebonics Ebonics Ebonics…….


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