Internet Trolls Runs Solange Off Instagram



Solange Knowles sat down with the homies over at Concrete Loop to discuss why she’s no longer Instagram flexing.

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The beautiful Solange Knowles have decided to take a break from Instagram. As a superstar one can become the target of unnecessary critique which is hate. Haters will HATE like ballers will BALL. People don’t realize that celebrities are people too. Take it from me they read every little thing that is written about them in the press and online. Solange Knowles and her entire family have been used to such critiques since the 90’s. It’s one thing to have someone talk about you but it’s something totally different when people attack your love ones.

The cattiness of some trolls have led Solange to reevaluate her online presence. Solange sat down with Concrete Loop and shared why she decided to get rid of her Instagram Page.
Check out what she says,

Apart of me kind of turns an eye to it and then apart of me really feels like the humanization of artists has really been stripped down. I think one of the reasons I actually went off of instagram because I was on there for little awhile was because I would post pictures of my son or my friends and they would be criticizing. My whole thing is that I’m completely fully, capable of handling negativity for myself, but to put that kind of access to negativity behind people who didn’t ask for that was really troubling to me.

Kudos to Solange for attempting to protect her love ones.

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Check out the rest of the interview here:

Story via Concrete Loop

Picture via Solange Knowles’ Twitter



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