Interscope Drops Chief Keef!



It seems that Interscope has had their fill of Chief Keef! They have officially dropped the 19-year-old rapper, but see what the young artist had to say!

Check out the details below!

Interscope has given Chief Keef the boot! The rapper originally joined the Interscope family back in 2012, which was the same year that he dropped Finally Rich! However, since then the ONLY thing the Chicago rapper has done is getting into trouble! His first album sales were horrible, he never did a follow-up album to the first one, and he had a slew of legal issues!

A source confirmed, “Interscope began to ‘subtly disassociate’ itself from the 19-year-old rapper after he had a series of legal cases sprout up in 2013 and 2014.” Keef’s team would try to set up meetings and etc., however, Interscope was no longer interested.

The rapper confirmed that he had been dropped when he tweeted that he had been dropped for about a week now.

Check out the Twitpic:

It is not shocking that this happened to Chief Keef! The only thing I will say is Interscope knew how he was when they hired him, so why get mad? What are your thoughts? Comment below!


  1. The white man perpetuates are worst virtues. White people look at the present state of hip hop like going to the zoo. And we feed right into it.

  2. This young man is so reckless with his behavior and don’t have any type of male model in the industry that he could look up too. From my observation He will go for broke soon or end up with an overdose…. I encourage a rapper to come forward and try to be some type of role model to this confused young man. Im sure he will listen once it see it coming from a genuine place.


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