Is Fantasia A Home Wrecker? Sex/Lies/Videotape+ Wife Files For Divorce & Alleged Sex Tape!


According to CNN, A North Carolina woman is alleging that “American Idol” winner Fantasia Barrino engaged in an affair with her husband, and says in court documents that the pair “recorded” their sexual encounters. (August 7). The documents allege Antwaun Cook began the affair with Barrino, 26, in August 2009 after the pair met at a Charlotte-area T-Mobile store where Cook is employed. Soooo… does she like regular guys…or is she just country, because first of all– he’s married, second of all– its the only state where she could get sued for being a homewrecker, and third… he works at T mobile…crickets. See video below!!

Court documents show in a phone call, Fantasia says,

“He don’t want you. Maybe the next time that you get a husband you’ll know how to keep him. That’s why he is here with me.”

Fantasia may have found that love in Antwuan Cook, but he’s married.

His wife, Paula Cook, has filed a complaint seeking custody of the couple’s two young children, ages 1 and 4, along with child support and alimony.

The complaint references a sex tape as one possible element to prove an affair.

Court documents say the “Husband and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit sexual activity.”

“You can sue that third party. Most of the cases involve sex, it doesn’t have to be sex, it can be something much lower,” says Professor Beau Baez from The Charlotte School of Law.

He says that North Carolina is one of seven states where a “home wrecker” has something to worry about.

They can be sued.

According to the complaint, Fantasia told Paula Cook to get lost in so many words.

Court documents show in a phone call, Fantasia says, “He don’t want you. Maybe the next time that you get a husband you’ll know how to keep him. That’s why he is here with me.”


16 responses to “Is Fantasia A Home Wrecker? Sex/Lies/Videotape+ Wife Files For Divorce & Alleged Sex Tape!”

  1. cutiepie says:

    Hey if Alicia Keys can get a pass then so can Fantasia.

  2. Kennedi says:

    If Alicia was in Charlotte, NC, her ass wouldn’tve got a pass.

    Fantasia stupid as hell. That boy don’t really want her..he want money, fame and red carpet events. No wonder her dumb ass didn’t graduate….

  3. Tamara Banks says:

    HEy I don’t know the circumstances on either case(Alicia or fantasia) but to tell the wife some shyt llike that is ridiculous. She is really lucky that woman has sense because she might find herself in concert wit a fat lip and busted eye. You are messing with her husband, you ugly bytch. You disgust me. SOOO many women complain about men being dogs. They are NOT! They can only do what we allow them too. And when some of yal triflin azz bytches stop phuckin and start respecting marriages, outside of your own, life will be better for all. Most of you all sleep with someone’s man but then want to be upset when he does it to you. GET A CLUE! OH AND FANTASIA AN UGLY CHIC ANYWAY. hIS WIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. hE OBVIOUSLY WITH UGG MUGG FOR SOME MONEY——WHICH HIS WIFE WILL END UP HAVING… LMFAO.. DUMB!!!

  4. YVONNE says:


  5. MS Cleveland says:

    This woman who is filing for divorce and suing her husband has the RIGHT to do just that. She needs to get all the MONEY she can! FANTASIA should know he is only with her ugly azz for her money. She is a HOMEWRECKER! I will never buy any of her music again. FANTASIA , you destroyed a FAMILY. SHAME on you for that! To the Young Man involved, GROW UP, GO HOME and take care of your FAMILY. Leave that UGLY, GHETTO, BIG LIP COW ALONE!!!

  6. Yuuup says:

    Wow.. You can’t take a happy man from a relationship..he probably wanted to go..I guess marriage doesn’t mean anything these days..

  7. Z says:

    @Yuuup.. A woman made up that saying.. A man can tell you differently. That man was so in love with the idea of a celebrity liking him he left his family for her. His wife doesn’t want him back…. Fanny and Mr cook are walking around like they don’t give a Bleep about his kids, his family, his wife. Who does this? Its one thing to cheat in private.. Shame on you.. But they are in PUBLIC Saying F U to everybody.. Smdh!!!!! I swear if I ever.. Yea.. Ms. Thing would have a busted asshole, eye injury and a real bad throat injury.. Im putting your ass to sleep… and that dude would be napping too. I be damn I say “I do” and u “doing” the next chick.. Marriage is a joke.. And I hope Mrs. Cook laughs all the way to the bank!

  8. ITS ME says:

    some of ya’ll really works my nerve. ok IF THIS MAN IS MARRIED ITS HIS RESPONSIBILTY TO RESPECT HIS “OWN” MARRIAGE‼ Fantasia is only doind what this man allowed her to do and that was come fuck up his marriage. Asks yourselves this, what was going on in his marriage that he was willing to leave so easily? The wife deserves to get paid, and get her divorce, but damn stop blaming the bitch @ look at the nigga

  9. Tamara Banks says:

    @ ITs Me

    Bottom line.. No matter how you swing it. If women had more respect for themselves, this shyt wouldnt happen. Sure it is his marraige and he has to deal with that but she knew… And the bottom line is when “she thinks” they are serious, he gonna do the same shyt again, to her azz bcuz you reap what u sow. That has been When she found out that man was married, her as the woman, should have backed off. Funny shyt is that she would rally actually expect whoever she married not to do this shyt to her. lmao.. women are fuckin stupid…

  10. Crystal says:

    I think that any woman who wants to get married, should respect marriage. Because it is a very hurtful thing to deal with. Divorce is and can be horrible if its made worse than what it had to be in the first place. I just feel that we as woemn do not think of the pain that we cause someone else. We dont understand that it comes back to bite you in the a$$. The man is wrong because he took the vows, of course, but that does not mean that you are in the clear. you knowlingly messed with this man because his marriage is not your concern and then you badger the woman. Everyone knows that a woman scorned is the worse kind to deal with. Im just glad that even though he is a shitty dude, that his woman is a respectful young lady. A Scorned woman can be a very , very bad thing to deal with.

  11. NaNa says:

    You can’t blame the whoe for home wrecking. The marriage was already on the rocks. If not fannie it would be some other whore. They seperated in June. He don;t want his wife or his jumpoff – Fannie. Fannie needs to find someone who is not attached. This guy is a looser.

  12. no you people needed to think its not she fucked up there happy home. He wasnt happy he was do n something to my girl she like she got his name an if this shit would have never came out no one wood never no

  13. fuck her that bitch want some money from you fuck him too leave his ass along that nigga ugly any way

  14. AfricanQueen says:

    Fantasia are u that dumb? This man wants u for ur money! If u’re going to be that stupid then u deserve everything u will get in future. I thought u are a Christian? It’s one thing to commit sin privately and weep to God for forgiveness but to flaunt ur sin in public and say F”%$ U to everyone watching? I doubt ur Christianity. Dump him FAST, before he hurts u!!!

  15. Shonda Jones says:

    Its sad how that man did his wife,Im pretty sure Fantasia didnt know about the wife.Fantasia sleep with one eye open bcuz that man is a DOG!! LUV U FANTASIA N MAY GOD KEEP BLESSIN U DNT LOOK DOWN KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BCUZ PPL TALK ABOUT JESUS!!! OK GOOD LUCKY!!IF U NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO CALL 310–706–5372!! WE R HOLDIN IT DOWN FOR YOU IN THE CITY OF COMPTON,CA.!!!

  16. staceybenbows says:

    that a sham what she did she new that the man we married the wife should get every thing by law she should think about it before she get with this man i would not want a man like that some women do not care if they break up the home but it take 2, i hope that she learn not to date a married man that was the dumb

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