Is Ke$ha On Drugs & Need To Be Arrested??



Ok, so I have to say I really don’t know much about the artist Ke$ha other then she has a new hit record out. From the looks of this video she’s on some thing unnatural… Hint Hint… Anyway the songstress declared that she was going to play the ultimate prank on Hollywood by coving the letters of the hollywoood sign with her name. Ummm, riiiight….


Look, if this is how people act that live in LA,  let me say,  this is not my first time seeing this happen. I am good in the ATL… Clearly you have to be high on some type of drug to CLIMB a bobwire fence… Someone please help her before its to late …

Above is her hit song she is know for….

P.S. I think that video is a fake….BUUUUTTT still… she needs help… WE know her type… LOL


  1. I Dont Think So, She’s Just Having Fun They Need To Go Catch Some Real Criminals, It Is Honestly Not That Serious.

  2. she was juss playin around shes fine juss leave her … this is stupid … u pplz need 2 learn how to hav fun !!! im wit jason on this 1 juss not the hot part lol…….


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