Is Mariah Carey Not Happy With Life? + Ordered To Rehab By Nick



Is Mariah Carey Losing her mind? According to Bossip, Mariah Carey may be considering going into rehab. They’re saying,

In the past months, Mariah has been publicly intoxicated at many events and a source confirms Mariah’s drinking habits are out of control. A source close to the singer says Mariah drinks champagne all day long and it’s becoming a problem for Nick Cannon. It’s gotten so bad that Nick has suggested checking Mariah into rehab.

Sources say Mariah’s excessive drinking is caused by her fear of becoming a washed-up superstar. And I must say Mariah has been seen drinking alot do yall think she is not happy with her life? At first it seemed that Mariah was just enjoying life and having fun, but clearly it’s become a problem.

I hope she gets help



  1. my opinion is she to damn old for his young ass anyway she need to go some damn where and it aint rehab my question is he just figuring that out

  2. Mariah is an amazing artis, I lover her and I will buy whatever she puts out. As for her drinking, I’m sure that she will work it out, and keep it moving like she always does..Work it MIMI

  3. I’m sad to hear Mariah is having a drinking problem. Even more sorry, that Nick has to deal with it…he seems sincerely in love with her. Hopefully, they can keep their marriage together, I’ll pray for them.

  4. who cares about that’s a good thing if she goes to rehab .that might give nick cannon a chance to come back to his senses.

  5. im realy sad about this if it is true she has been my idol since i was 11 tears old she has inspired me to live life to the fullest and to be strong and to ceep moving forward no matter what happens 🙁

  6. Do you think you’ll be able to go to sleep fight away? Show your tickets,please.My treat.They will arrive in half an hour.I get up at six o’clock.She became more and more beautiful.She became more and more beautiful.Give me a hand!He always talks big.Now she looks pale as if she were ill.


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