“It Ain’t No Hamhocks and Bacon No Mo” – RHOA Porsha Stewart Hookedwinked and Bamboozled by Kordell Stewart


porshaCryingDangggggg Cletus! Porsha Stewart went hard for her man!! Too bad she didn’t know 1  1/2 week later he was going to be her EX. #Imjustsayin What reason did he really have for not showing up for the ReUnion Show? What were his last words to her? Just a bunch of manipulation! Kordell that was just NOT manly Bruh! Did you say baby, go to the ReUnion show alone and let them hoes have it (While I am down at the courthouse getting these divorce papers together) This situation is just NOT sitting well with me Kordell. Porsha is a friend to the blog and my BOO and I don’t like the way you handled this situation. #KickROcks Dude! Kenya tried to provide she was not menopausal by giving the fan a rest in the BEGINNING but she just couldn’t control her fan flickering when Phaedra Parks seemed to have struck a nerve or two. Then Apollo decided to COME FOR KENYA when she didn’t “send for him”, then Peter Thomas  came for Kenya so hard that all she could do was “Twirl, Twirl, Twirl!” I swear I was waiting on her to disappear.TwirlTwirl


  1. Porsha, is this divorce real or a publicity stunt??? You and Kordell are still living under the same roof, this sounds suspect to me.


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