J Young releases new single “Apology” – video

J Young - Rap Artist
J Young – Rap Artist

J Young has done it again! This Atlanta rap artist/songwriter put time aside from filming in the “All Eyez on Me” Tupac biopic (where he portrays the role of Tupac’s confidant and Outlawz front man, Hussein Fatal) ; hit the studio to put the finishing touches on his “Apology” song so he could complete the music video.

@taylorchien @Jamiefoxx and @jyoungmdk Photo Credit IG of @jyoungmdk
@taylorchien @Jamiefoxx and @jyoungmdk Photo Credit IG of @jyoungmdk

Much of Young’s mounting success stems from his solid foundation comprised of his love for music, relentless work ethic, and continued mentor-ship from the legendary actor and musician Jamie Foxx. As a music artist and actor who is addicted to bettering his craft, Young was a performing artist on a 25-city college tour with headliner 2 Chainz in the fall of 2015.

Apology- by J Young
Apology- by J Young

The most recent release of 2016, is a viral video of one his more personal records, “Apology,” which has already received almost 100,000 views on social media within hours of its release. Check out the video as this is only the beginning for this budding songwriter/singer and actor. You will definitely be seeing a lot more of J Young on stage and on camera.

Keep up with J Young on social media as well:

G: @JyoungMDK
Twitter: @JyoungMDK


  1. DJ, it is "fucking", not "fuckin'". Please make the appropriate effort to enunciate next time.You will have to stay after class and bang erasers if you do not wise up, and quick. Do you understand? And please put the hall pass back on the desk where it belongs before you take you seat. Thank you.


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