Jasmina Anema Mom Thinks Rihanna Used Her For Publicity



Jasmina Anema mama isn’t very happy with Rihanna right now. Although we are out siders looking in and don’t really have both sides of the story we do know from the looks of this tweet Jasmina mother doesn’t like the way Rihanna has not shown any support. Apparently Jasmina mom feels Rihanna brought media attention to Jasmina and just used her daughter for publicity.

I really don’t think thats what RiRi was trying to do, alot of times we forget that celebrities don’t set up any of their events or meet and greets and goes where ever there publicist tells them- – but because they are good at making people feel special the person now feels like they are now best-friends. I have even heard some Celebs tell them that(thats where they go wrong). When in fact the celebrity really is there trying to help the person feel special so they can get better. I hate to see all this happening in the public eye, but I think if Rihanna could have done more she would have, we have to remember RiRi has her own family and problems to deal wit.

Little Jasmina passed away from leukemia last month. I am just glad she got the chance to have a little happiness remember from all that publicity Jasmina got, she  got to go to the white house and meet the president, Kelly Rowland and Lil Mama. I think if RiRi could have done more she would have.. This is what Jasmina mother said on twitter…


Her mother and since pulled down the tweet, you can tell she is hurting after reading her blog. What yall think?


  1. @Zoey…yes she is a hard working woman, but for you not to even pick up the phone….come on now…it is what it is….Rhianna acting like she loved this little girl so much and when she passed away, and i know Rhianna Knew it…..ok she could not make it there but a phone call….it’s not that hard to do, so i dont feel sorry for her….

  2. im sorry 4 her lost but riri has a life and a family that she has to deal with. how dare her mother to say she was using her daughter. that is very selfish of her maybe this is her way of getting over her lost blame it all on rihanna. AGAIN sorry for her lost but dont blame rihanna.

  3. Rihanna doesnt owe her anything this is a problem with parents nowadays honestly a grieving mum hurting because someone you are not related to who really wanted to help your daughter to find a donor and now calling it a publiciity stunt she doesnt need any publicist stunt we all know that girl even here in Sweden and after what Chris did to her everyone including my 79year old ganny knows who she . this were parents start to talk about role model thing why cant parents be role models to their own kids not to rely on people who are living their lives. Mom let Jasmina rest in peace dont try to blame someone this was Gods will

  4. I completly understand both sides of the story. Everyone is correct Rihanna does have her own life, own family, ect to worry about. WIthout her putting the word out for this little girl you are right she would have never been able to do all the things that she was able to do before her death. I do want to say that her mother and family is in my prayers…… But with that being said I know how she feels that She didnt get a call/ text/ or card from Rhianna. I mean really people your right she does have her own life, but to go above and beyond with trying to find her a bone marrow donor, and getting her to meet others visit the white house, to me that would make me feel like you really cared genuially about my child and a month has gone by and you havent sent no condolences? She’s not asking for a million dollars, for her to have sang or came to her funeral all she is saying is WOW once you have put yourself out there as someone who is concerned she cant get a call or nothing. I mean really? Rhianna could have called her anytime day or night and I konw that she would have been greatful for the call. Rhianna could have called her while walking through the airport, on the way to dinner at the club just to say Im sorry to hear about your lost. Because even though it was expected a mother can never really know how that feels to loose a child and a simple call/ text would have been nice. Hell she could have gotten her publist or assisant to send a card over and some flowers just to show that it wasnt about the publicty and that she truly did care. Fudge all that talk about being busy and haveing her own life. When you care about someone you make the time to show your condolences. She could have tried. I pray the mom gets over it and appricate what Rhianna did do for her daughter and know that everything happens for a reason.


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