Jay-Z Spends 350-Thousand on Beyonce’s Christmas Gift + How They Spent News Night


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Jay-Z and Beyonce may claim that all they need is each other in song, but the music couple’s shopping habits suggest a few big-ticket gifts won’t hurt their relationship either. Jay-Z was doing some last minute shopping this year to make sure his wife got just what she wanted. According to the “New York Post,” the rapper spent hours shopping at Hermes’ Madison Avenue boutique on Christmas Eve. He reportedly bought 350-thousand dollars worth of the store’s signature Birkin handbags. Yet, surprisingly, this was one of the smaller gifts the couple has reportedly exchanged this year. For Beyonce’s 29th birthday in September, Jay-Z reportedly dropped a cool 20-million dollars on a private island off the shore of Florida. In return, she reportedly bought him a two-million dollar Bugatti Veyron Grand sports car. “Forbes” recently named Beyonce the highest earning pop star of the year.



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