Jeremih Calls Bishop Eddie Long A Gay Liar.. WOW


Jeremih holds nothing back in a recent interview he did with Lowkeymessy. The singer spoke about and gave his feeling’s on Bishop Eddie Long he even goes as far as calling him a “Gay lier.”(WOW) Just so yall know Long wasn’t the only person Jeremih talked about, but he was the most important. I have to give it to him, some of these Newbirth members don’t play about their pastor and will not like this statement considering Long has not been found guilty . I don’t know what Jeremih was thinking but clearly he gone say what he thinks. Shout to Bossip for the story.


  1. that’s like the devil calling a satanist an evil person….jeremih is the only dude that did a song with ludacris and has a crush on luda @ the same time..gtfoh

  2. I don’t see nothing wrong with what he said. I mean he said what a lot of people want to say, so what if he called hoim a gay lier??? Any man who sleeps with guys is gay and if you hide it and deny it, then you are a liar. Even though Jeremih could have word it differently, he is young so it is what it is.

  3. Birth GAY sex
    lol Man thats fuckn gross..ok Ima need all Fags and child molesters to jump off the sears tower..ready set…damm nigga I aint say Go yet


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