Jim Jones says he was “Racially Profiled”


I feel sorry for these rappers sometimes.   They spend so much time telling black youth that they’re better than them, that they actually start to believe it.

Nothing like a healthy dose of reality to give em that “Act-Right” and Black Pride though!

TMZ was the first to report that JJ was at the airport Friday picking up a friend.   To his surprise, a cop approached him and said the car smelled like weed.

Immediately four cops surrounded him, forced him out of the car, and told him to assume the position.


JJ’s reps tell us the rapper  and his car were searched but not one piece of the “sticky” was found.  **whew**

Instead of him thanking the Weed Gawds for the close call, we’re told JJ is Furious and believes

 He was searched for nothing more than racial profiling.

(yeah, cause a thugged out rapper in a luxury car parked in front of the airport smelling like weed just screams “Positive Black Male”)

**Shrugs** I’m not buying it JJ.  I’m not judging you sir, but you make songs about “Flying High”.  You’re a smoker.  Your car is gonna smell like weed.  Your clothes are gonna smell like weed….and God only knows what those braids smell like.

I’m sure it was a scary situation, but chalk it up to all the times you probably did have weed on you and didn’t get caught.  Let’s sit this civil rights march out for something a lil more important!


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Source & Pictures: TMZ.

Story by: Vitamin Q



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