Judge Says No To DMX On “Celebrity Rehab”


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DMX won’t be appearing on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s “Celebrity Rehab.” TMZ.com is reporting that an Arizona judge has rejected the emcee’s bid to appear on the popular VH1 reality series. A rep of the Maricopa County Superior Court says the judge denied DMX’s petition because he’s already doing well in his court-appointed substance abuse program. The judge will allow “X” to appear on the show once his drug program ends in July, but by that point “Celebrity Rehab” will have already started taping. DMX was arrested in March for violating his probation by using illegal drugs. He has been sentenced to six months in jail.
Last year, DMX spent more than three months in Arizona’s “Tent City” on charges of animal cruelty, theft, and drug possession. He was originally sentenced to 90 days, but his stay was extended following an altercation with an officer.


  1. What happened to DMX? I wish he would have stayed on top of his game because he had just been plumetting. Bless him. He needs help.

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  3. when i was younger and lived in philly (around 98-99) the emcees on the radio were talking about where dmx would be in 10 years. they were saying he would be irrelevant in the music world and on drugs. he called in the next day all angry talking about how dmx would always be around and definitely not on drugs. lol who knew the emcees would be right?


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