Kalenna Of Dirty Money Is Married With Children



So, who knew that one of Diddy’s little eye candy of Dirty Money has been in a seven year marriage and has a four year son. Her Husband also happens to be her co-manager as well. According to BuzzInTheCity, Kalenna reveals that being a member of Dirty Money has her constantly on the road and challenges her and her husband when trying to find that balance between work and family time.

Kalenna reveals:

“We both balance time with our son. His well-being is our first priority. We work hard now so that he can go to the best schools, learn foreign languages, and travel the world.


My husband has always been supportive of my career and instrumental in everything I’ve accomplished. My husband is my must have, we’re a team. I can’t function without him, and I need him by my side at all times.”

Kalenna also reveals that reality shows are her gulity pleasures and has considered doing one on her life and family:

“That’s something I have been thinking about but not settled on one idea just yet. If the cameras follow my life now, they will show me balancing being a wife and mother, with my career as a songwriter/singer, and entrepreneur aspirations with my clothing line.


They would also catch me with my two horses that I rescued, or mentoring youths through my nonprofit organization, the I Heart Kalenna Foundation.

After reading the full article in detail I think Kalenna is pretty cool and I wouldn’t mind tuning into her once a week to see how she runs her life.

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  1. I am not surprise to be honest that she has a family and husband. She gives off this persona with her onstage present. The way she dances says that she is mature, and also the way she engages with her interviewers and the audience screams a woman who is taken and has lives a very mature life, not to mention her appearance, that is just a given, she looks mature.

  2. It saddens me that this is called “news”. Like she was too “ugly” by European standards to have a husband of 7 years and a child. So what does that say about that numerous “pretty” baby mamas?!!??? I can’t with this foolishness.


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