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Kandi Burrus Covers Rolling Out Magazine + Dishes On Sex, Business Ventures, and Why She’s Successful

My homie Kandi Burris is covering this week’s issue of Rolling Out magazine. In the magazine she let readers know about her ever present attitude on sex, her new business ventures, and why she’s successful today. Check out pictures from her photo shoot as well as more interesting details.

On sex:

Some people want us to be so hush-hush when it comes to sex, and we all have sex, so what’s the big deal? Maybe, if we talked about it more we wouldn’t have so many issues … like when people feel that have to live in secret, because they have alternate lifestyles and they don’t want people to know. Or with children, I’ve been noticing a lot of kids are having sex in middle school and they’re not able to have that conversation with their parents, or talk about the issue of teen pregnancy. Maybe if they were having this discussion at home with their parents, these things won’t be going on.

Well put Kandi!

On new business ventures:

I knew that you had to have multiple streams of income to become a millionaire or to stay a millionaire. So that was my thought process; what type of business would I have outside of music?

Kandi has a number of business ventures that include a spades app, fashion boutique Tags, personal pleasure products, and several televison projects. Kandi is definitely a corporate figure and knows how to keep the money rolling in!

On why she’s successful:

How can I go from being in the music industry or being on television, or whatever I’m doing, where do I go from that? To me, I’m constantly trying to think of things so I can maintain my lifestyle, and to take care of my family in the way they are accustomed to being taken care of. What keeps me motivated is providing the best life possible for my daughter, my mother and myself. That puts me in that grind mode; I want to keep my security.

One thing is for sure, Kandi stays on her grind and constantly be seen around the ATL always on the scene. Keep up the hardwork Kandi. What are your opinions on Kandi’s attitude towards sex? Do you agree with her approach? What about her business ventures?

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