Karrine Stefans AKA Superhead Gets Married?



It is being reported that Karrine Stefans could possibly be eloping with some unidentified gentleman this weekend. She is currently still married to Darius McCrary aka Eddie Winslow from Family Matters, so there may not be any truth to this. She was seen commenting about the upcoming nuptials on her Facebook page along with mentioning the fact that she wants more children because she is getting older.


Some seem to think that she could be becoming the new Mrs D’wayne Carter because she has always had an infatuation with Lil Wayne. She even hinted at the fact that after the fling they had in the past she landed into her current marriage with Darius McCrary. Only time will tell if this is the truth or not.




  1. Honestly, she needs to get a life. Every man has had her already. Nobody wants another rapper’s sloppy leftovers. She’s pretty and all but, come on now. Let’s be real.

  2. When will Karrine grow up? Hello, are you still going to be known as “Superhead” when you get 50? I don’t think the public cares who you spend your weekends with, but I’m sure your son does……..

  3. This BIRD – desperate attention getting dumb-ass. Why hasn’t she realized she just a “eff-out” and Wayne ain’t marrying her.


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