Keri Hilson Talks About “Emotional” Third Album


Keri Hilson admits that not everyone is going to be on board when she releases her third studio album. During a recent appearance on BET’s “106 & Park,” the singer said “there’s a specific few people” who won’t be enjoying the record.

Keri notes that she was experiencing a few things “on a personal front” while she was out “experiencing the world,” and those feelings are going to come out in her music.

While she doesn’t get specific, Keri does describe her next record as “very emotional.”

Are yall felling Keri’s new hair style?

It may be a while, however, before fans hear her next release. Keri says she’s still trying to determine if she wants to release another single off her last record, or if it’s time to start focusing on her next project.

Keri Hilson’s last album was “No Boys Allowed,” which arrived in stores last December. The record has already produced the singles “Breaking Point,” “Pretty Girl Rock,” and “One Night Stand.”


  1. I like Keri Hilson hair, the style(clothes) isnt too much on point. Its something about Keri that I cant rock with. She needs a little more umph into her sex appeal. However, as far as her music Its OK..She has talent, there’s no denying that. Im glad shes being honest about the new album and I wish her all of the success.


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