Kim Kardashian Has A Wax Figure At The Madame Tussauds


kim quick

We thought Kim Kardashian had a plastic figure. Somehow I think they molded of her prior to her alleged surgery because this looks like her mom to me. Oh well, I can’t wait until I get my wax figure because I’m a public servant (yeah right).  What ya’ll think? -Courtney L.



  1. I just want to know wat did she do sooo great that she deserve a wax figure!!!! mood: confused

  2. you know how one twin are better dan the otha, i would say dats her twin da 1 da look much betta but has no ass

  3. Ok, which one is the wax and which is the real deal?? I can’t tell the real one from the fake one.

  4. Well you can very well see that she wear booty implants. Either the real Kim needs to let some air out or they need to pump up the wax figure. Kim is fake anyway, so we have to wax figures to look at now.

  5. soooo…. she gets waxed because….. the figure is ok, too much boob too little booty. the real kim is better, but how to you get a wax statue when you havent really done anything to be considered famous???


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