Kitty Kelley Says Oprah Has Been Lying About Her Family’s Past



In the explosive new Oprah biography by Kitty Kelley, the talk show queen’s cousin Katharine Carr tells all about the lies Oprah has spread in the name of television. I really dont know how I feel about this she is quoted in the book as saying:

“Now, you have to understand that I love Oprah, and I love all the good work she does for others, but I do not understand the lies that she tells. She’s been doing it for years now.

Where Oprah got that nonsense about growing up in filth and roaches, I have no idea. (Oprah’s grandmother) kept a spotless house…It was a wooden, six-room house with a large living room that had a fireplace and rocking chair.

Oh, I’ve talked to her about this over the years. I’ve confronted her and asked ‘Why do you tell such lies?’ Oprah told me, ‘That’s what people want to hear. The truth is boring, Aunt Katharine. People don’t want to be bored. They want stories with drama.

That story [of sexual abuse] helped launch Oprah and make her what she is today…I don’t hold with telling lies, but in this case I forgive Oprah because she has done so much for other people. Maybe this was the only way for a poor child to succeed and become rich. Now she does her good works to make her amends.

Oprah does not love her mother at all…She gives her a great deal financially but she does not give her the respect and affection a daughter should, and that bothers me. Vernita did the best she could with Oprah, who was a willful, runaway child.”


  1. Oprah so “up there” she won’t even respond to the book, watch. TEAM Oprah…this bitch all up in her business, why?

  2. Y should i care what one white woman got to say she didnt do anything for black sisters.. i dont care bout oprah past or childhood point is in the present she is an ICON and an inspiration.. so kick rocks u white supremacy haters

  3. Even if she did lie, she is rich bitch!!! What celebrity doesn’t lie about their childhood? Unfortunately in the entertainment business is it necessary to create a character that sales. You have to have a story to keep people interested.

  4. GTFOH with this b.s!!! Oprah aint lied about shit. I get tired of haters trying to pull her down after all that she’s done for people.

  5. Latoya – not sure where that comment came from because the section you are reading came from Oprah’s Aunt…. which is don’t think is white… Oprah helps all people not just black.. maybe you need to rethink what you said and try again


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