Large Amounts Of Skin-Whitening Creme Found At MJ’s!



Even though Michael Jackson always claimed to be suffering from Vitiligo (we’re not saying he didn’t), dozens of skin-whitening cremes were discovered by police at Jackson’s home!

In addition to the four vials of Propofol, that is.


  1. Freddy O Don’t be reckless. It has been CONFIRMED that Mike had Vitiligo. . I just wish he wasn’t in teh public eye so that he could deal with it like the rest of Blackfolks do – or lived in an area where it was deemed alright to use darkening makeup instead of the route he chose so filks would have left him alone. Do I wish he h

  2. @ PAMELA

    THANK YOU!!!

    People need to let Michael rest. Jesus Christ, you would think that he was a monster. The man had Vitiligo and autopsy results confirmed it. People want to start shit up again.


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