Lauryn Hill Plans Fall 2013 Tour



Lauryn Hill is fresh out of jail and ready to get back to work or a way to get out of 3-months of home detention.

Check out the details below.

Lauryn Hill is fresh out of jail and on a 3-month home confinement but the singer is ready to get back to work. According to the homies over at TMZ Lauryn has requested that she be allowed to do a Fall Tour between November 15 through December 31st. The Judge seems to be down with the idea.

lauryn-hill-to-be-sentenced-today3We might be getting the old Lauryn Hill back from the 1990’s. Lauryn has a new single out and she’s ready to hit the road. She is still on probation but she will be ok as long she provides all of the details to her probation officer. The tour is not a get out of the house free card.

On New Year’s Day the singer must complete the rest of her home confinement sentence.

There’s no other details.

Maybe she will come back to Atlanta. I am sure she will be a little more timely this go around.

Would you go see Lauryn if she came to your city?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Story via TMZ.


  1. I doubt we’ll be getting the “old Lauryn” back but it’s good she’s making an effort to come back. Personally, I don’t like the new track and can’t see it going very far.

  2. Hopefully she is on time and more crowd friendly this time. I still have a bit of fan’ism’ inside me for her.


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