LeBron Daddy Drama — New Family Twist + Video



The man claiming to be LeBron James’ biological father is getting some serious flack over his story — and it’s coming from his own brother. But from the looks of the picture, that MIGHT be Bron’s dad…

TMZ spoke with Leicester Bryce Stovell’s younger brother — “Junior” Stovell (pictured center) — who tells us, “something’s a little fishy” about Leicester’s allegations. You have to watch the video below. He is a Princeton Grad and lawyer…but wants millions from Lebron and his mother. Hmmm.

As we first reported, Leicester filed a lawsuit against LeBron and his mother Gloria James, claiming they tampered with evidence that could prove he’s the daddy.

“Junior” tells us his family has been “joking” about the situation ever since Leicester suggested he was the dad a few years ago — but notes that Leicester “believes in his own mind” that it’s legit.

As for why “Junior” thinks the story is fishy … he tells us, “Leicester never mentioned anything about LeBron being his son until LeBron became the king.”

LeBron’s camp has strongly rejected Leicester’s claim — calling him a “money grubber.

So where is Lebron’s REAL dad exactly? Sounds like some Maury ish to me…


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  2. OK let’s say he is LeBron’s dad….so what he even said himself that he didn’t try to contact LeBron or his mom until LeBron was 20 years old. By that time LeBron was grown and in the NBA so he needs to sit his ass down I don’t care how much education he has he’s still after money. Also if they did fake the DNA test to say he wasn’t the father that should tell him that LeBron doesn’t want anything to do with him. To late to try and play daddy now!

  3. This is a weird ass situation. But he’s a lawyer so I’m sure he knows what he’s doing lol. He does look like he could be his dad though!

  4. Lebron need to be suing his butt for back child support. Dumb A** Why are ppl not even mentioning this man admiting to being 29 and messing with Lebrons 15 year old mama either. Drop shot molestor!!!!!!!!!

  5. Seriously? He should be ashamed of himself for even trying to make an arguement that he is L.J’s father after all this time… If this is true, he LET his son grow up in an f’d up situation while he was out getting his “law degree” and what not… PLEASE! That says a lot about his character.

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