Let’s Pray For Japan: 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake/Tsunami



There’s not a better time to come for all of us to come together guys, Last night one of our countries experienced great tragedy. We need to all pray for a miracle to transpire and send out condolences to the lives lost. The biggest Earthquake to hit Japan in 100 years ! A deadly 8.9 earthquake struck Japan last night. A massive 23-foot tsunami also hit the coast killing hundreds, leveling homes, and sweeping away cars and boats. 200 to 300 bodies were found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai.


A National Weather Service Alert has been issued for more than 50 countries and territories: Russia and Indonesia, Central American countries like Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica and the U.S. state of Hawaii, where warning sirens were sounded in the morning. A tsunami warning was also issued for areas along the United States and Canadian west coasts.


The tsunami could cause damage “along coastlines of all islands in the state of Hawaii,” warned the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “Urgent action should be taken to protect lives and property.”



Check out the Catastrophic Natural Disaster:


  1. For shame, JAYANT KUMAR SINGH! Compassion for all….. My heart goes out to all the victims in Japan, and also to all the poor in the world who suffer daily

  2. god plz help for japan one thing i want say
    hum sare log aaj nature se play kar rahe hain kahin na kahin ye uska isshara hai
    bhagwan ki banai is sundar dunia ko plz kaharb na karte
    hue hume abb to badalna suru karna cahiye

  3. i have only one word…sorry…
    but a lot of lives and properties are gone because of natural diseaters.

    pls do not fetch up japan and japanese peolple

    tomorrow morning is welcome to you peacefully,

    try work hard together and destroy our miserable dream

    we also pray and help as much as we can.

  4. I feel very sorry for the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami that hit Japan and I pray Allah will help them to overcome this natural disaster.
    Earlier official from Morocco who beneifited from a training in Japan sponsored by JICA in 2003 under the theme: Urban Public Transport.

  5. Let us pray for the victims of earthquake and tsunami in japan.
    And we hope that this kind of disaster made by nature would not
    be happen in other countries specially those in the “ring of fire”.

  6. god please help japan because after earthquake and sunami now they have to suffer the problem of radiation . the radiation will destroy many country

  7. Allah please help those who r suffering there……
    and people who think this is nice(JAYANT KUMAR SINGH) ,shame on them…everything is not counted as rich or poor,,,,
    this can happen to u also…dont forget that…

    Pray for them.


  9. Its very very desaterous. i feel very sorry for the people of Japan. But i m sure that Japanese will InshaAllah counter this great great clamity. May Allah keep them safe from anyother problem.

  10. Let us pray for the victims of earthquake and tsunami in japan.
    And we hope that this kind of disaster made by nature would not
    be happen in other countries.it is a right time to help them who are willing to help.
    treat people of japan as a family member and help them as you can do for your kids, parents,

    Jagdish Tolia

  11. The images look like something out of a movie,
    keep them in you’re prayers.
    Let”s PRAY this doesn’t happen again.
    Prayer can change a lot.

  12. Everybody please pray for these people…Prayer would help alot & can change alot!!!This is horrible the end of time is near..

  13. hope you japan will develop after the deadly kind of tragedy. and condolence for all japanese people who are missing. i hope and i pray to the developed country will help japan..

  14. OMG, Such a tragedy, any help required we all should be there for Japan. Jayant shame on you to have even thought like that. Its the mankind which is affected and we little fortunate ones can atleast pray for them to recover.


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