Lil Boosie Says He’s a Drug Addict and Needs Help


Lil Boosie has finally realized that he’s a hardcore drug addict and now that he’s been sentenced to prison, he wants to focus on kicking the habit.

As we previously reported, the Louisiana rapper was sentenced to 8 years in prison Tuesday after copping a guilty plea for attempting to smuggle drugs into prison on 3 separate times.

Now, Boosie’s lawyer telling  saying the rapper is happy with the resolution  because Boosie is confident officials will allow him to participate in a drug rehab program so he can beat his addiction to codeine and other drugs.

Boosie is also facing 1st degree murder charges in an unrelated case just released a statement to TMZ saying, “Don’t worry about me I am getting help with my drug addiction and I am accepting full responsibility for the choice I made.”

Boosie adds, “I am going to fight the false murder charge till the end. Love you all.”

Lil Boosie was interviewed by XXL Magazine and revealed everything from what he misses most right now to his plans if he ever is released from the plantation prison. Here’s part of the interview…
Boosie on how he’s holding up:

Some days I’m maintaining, but I’m missing my family and the life I had out there. My first seven months I was in population, but since June I’ve been on 23-hour lockdown.”

“They said they’re trying to protect me because of who I am,” he continued. “They got people get stabbed here, killed here. Pretty rough people here. A lot of rats here, snitches.”

Boosie on why he believes he’s incarcerated:

“[I’m here] ’cause of the songs I made, before I was indicted, about the police in Baton Rouge and what’s going on here. There’s a lot with our record label, that the system don’t like… They took my hard drive out of my house after I got arrested. I have albums for days in there. They still haven’t returned it. They’ve had it for damn near a year now. I need that music.”

Boosie’s plans after prison: (fingers crossed)

“I’m leaving Louisiana the first day I get out of prison. I’m a major target down here. I’ll thank God for everything and get back to the money.”


  1. yeah right, when he’s done doing his 8years if not more becasue he’s still waiting on that murder charge, he’ll be back to louisiana. he was wrack anyways who’s going to listen to music after 8years. free boosy my ass!

  2. Dammit… I want him to WIN sooo BAD!!!! I like him; I mean he’s “Famous like a Ninja Turtle” people. Did everybody forget that?!?!?! LMFAO 😀

    Anyways.. It sucks he’s missing out on his kids growing up and shit and hopefully he’ll beat the Murder charge.

  3. So damn sad a typical case of a black man who had a chance to do something good in his life but didnt know how to handle money and fame. the peope that suffering the most is his kids that these loose women had with this wanabe gangster. how u going to be free when u are in jail for eight years plus atempted murder . what a waste of precious life people dont understand that we are here only once and we have to used it to our advantage and not waste it like this guy.


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