Lil Girl Caught Parents Making Love


Here is video of a little girl who is explaining to her parents what she witnessed when she caught them having sex. Now the whole world knows that her dad screams like a girl. Maybe next time he’ll keep it down. Do you have sex while your kids are up or have you ever been caught?


  1. The man/woman behind the camera needs to be shot. This has to be the most trifling thing I’ve seen today. Why would anyone tape a child saying what she heard her mom doing while having sex. Smh

  2. this is not cute by no means, my son sometimes heard my husband and me,and he would say “daddy, stop tickling mama”,we told him to go to his room, we never brought it up again,we taught him when our door is closed,knock first,and only knock if something was wrong, otherwise,we were sleep and don;’t disturb us

  3. And it also sounds as if they were smoking sumting’ in the back ground, how sad that they would tape it, but the worst part is that they put it on You Tube, smdh


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