Lil Kim Says “I’m Still Relevant”


lil-kim-naked has been following this beef amongst Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj for some time now. Over the past few months, Lil Kim has made it known that she feels Nicki has been biting her style, every thing from being a dominant female rap lyricst to the barbie persona. Drake even chimed in a few times, saying “Nicki is selling records and the music industry is only about what is relevant right now” eluding to the fact that Lil Kim just might in fact be washed up.

Despite calls to the contrary, Lil’ Kim is apparently still relevant – according to the rapper herself. In a recent interview with Life Lounge, the 34 year old star states that she is still relevant and has remained so because of her ability to reinvent herself – something she feels artists of today need to do more. Click below to read Lil Kim’s thoughts on her position in the female rap game.

“I’m constantly growing, my album came out in ’97 but I started doing music in the early ‘90s. One reason that I’m still here and I’m still relevant to this day – probably even more relevant than a lot of new people who come into the industry – is because I know how to reinvent myself, I know how to change with the times.”

“I think that, no matter who you are these days; you could be young, you could be old, you could be new, you could be an artist that’s been in the industry for a minute, I think it’s all about a hot record these days, it’s different

I think that’s the only difference I could point out, you know, you could have a hot song back in the day but it may not break through. But now if you have a hot song – it doesn’t have to have a lot of thought behind it, it doesn’t have to be a deep record.

You don’t even have to be very talented as long as you come up with something that’s catchy and, you know, something that is now.”

–Xavier B.


  1. Lil Kim is saying you don’t even have to be saying anything that makes sense and it will still be hot just because which she is meaning Nicki Minja. I like Lil Kim because her lyrics are fire and she got swag like no other. I just want her to stop wasting energy taking shots at Nicki because this is Nicki time to shine even though I don’t like her style or what she is so-called herself rapping about but her time will be up as soon as another artist comes out. So I need Lil Kim to stop the madness and get in the studio and make some hot sh** and come back out here and let us see who’s the illest!!!

  2. i really liked lil kim back in the days.. but then she went through that idenity crisis.. and its hard to love someone who doesnt love herself.. to me it seems to be projecting her self hatred onto nicki.. i mean clearly.. the girl has given kim her respect.. i heard her many a times on her mixtapes and such.. even when she did that pic like lil kim.. nicki even mentioned it in an interview.. like shes knows who did the pic first.. if thats not giving respect then i dont know what is.. lil kim has a habbit of saying someone coppying her.. girls are girls.. and girly girls like girly things.. and sometimes they might be similar.. like when foxy had an outfit like hers on once.. lil kim fliped her wig.. like really .. its not that serous… and i think her as a grown woman is disrespecting herself by taking this as far as she is.. and shes not even making any songs about it.. i could see if she made it a real rap battle.. then atleast it would be interesting.. but going back and forth with this highschool BS… its just lame.. and shes giving nicki her props by doing so… caause a real bad bi*ch would lagh and except the flattery.

  3. “Die hard like Bruce Willis”….really bitch? Those are your lyrics to your 2nd flopping ass single. Nicki Garbaj must go! I didn’t even dig the barbie bullshit when kim was doin it but at least her lyrics were hot. “Baby you the illist….die hard like bruce willis”…? #dead


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