Lil Kim’s New Salon “Salon SeSwa”



(9/28/2010) Lil Kim celebrated the grand opening of her new Salon SeSwa in Charlotte, NC. Lil Kim brought her Queen B style of beauty to the city of Charlotte, NC with the grand opening of her new Salon Se Swa, located in the northen ‘University’ area of the city. Guests in attendance included Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon, City Council Member Michael Barnes, Actress Meagan Good, hair care entrepreneur Joe Dudley and others.



  1. I’m glad 4 her!!! Oh yeah and Lil Kim looks really nice here, I hope she doesn’t go back to bleaching her skin and f**king up her face and body with that silcone

  2. she looks a mess she messed herself up shes addicted to plastic surgery so shes not going to stop there people like that looks in the mirror and find more and more things they dont like about there selves and end up making thereselves look even worse and not realizing it. congrats on her success and I wish her the best but just to let her know stop with the plastic surgery because you look fake and if you wont lil kim and I seen you walk down the street looking like that I will say to my self is that a tranny


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