Lil Wayne Goes Off On Fans At Concert + Tells Them Not To Buy His Albums And He Doesn’t Want Them As Fans (VIDEO)


Lil Wayne is not to played with. At a concert that took place last week in Omaha, Nebraska, Weezy decided to recite an a capella version of his song Nightmares On The Bottom. Midway through the performance an issue arose. Apparently, somebody just couldn’t contain their happiness or excitement and just continued to scream. However, Lil Wayne was disturbed by the constant interruption and told them:

“Shut the f*** up. Stop it. For real. If you were really a fan, you would shut the f*** up and listen to me. Really. Haven’t you noticed it’s like only 2 and 3 of yall doing that? Everybody else in the room is real f***ing fans. Thank you.”

Things don’t stop there either. Weezy picked up where he left off but after the performance he was sure to let that person know that he was upset by their actions and even gave them some future advice.

“Honestly, to the person I was screaming up when I was trying to talk, like if you wanna know something personally, I wish that you would never buy another one of my albums again in your life. Cause see I take this sh** seriously. I mean every word I say so when I ask you to be quiet and listen to me it is very rude to scream out some sh** while I’m trying to f***ing get a point across. So honestly, I don’t want you as a fan.”

He then told security that if they knew who it was, to come and get them out of the crowd. Surrounding “real” fans quickly pointed to the person who was making all of the noise.

WOW! Weezy don’t play and it looks like he can be one blunt person. What do you think of Weezy’s choice of words against the fan? Do you think it was too much or it was clearly appropriate since he did ask them before the performance to be quiet?

13 responses to “Lil Wayne Goes Off On Fans At Concert + Tells Them Not To Buy His Albums And He Doesn’t Want Them As Fans (VIDEO)”

  1. sparkle says:

    And this is the guy that people spend their money to see and buy his albums. Smh

  2. shawna says:

    so what, he is human and we all have days that we don’t want to be bother with, and dont give me that crap “oh his an artist blah blah” who give a damn just becasuse they’re an artist don’t mean they less human or normal from any other person. sometimes fan, people can be so arrogant, rude and selfish.

  3. shawna says:

    i hate those stupid post, like an artist can’t do certain things becasue an artist.

  4. shawna says:


  5. Ebaby says:

    I guess wearing them jeggings bringing out the bitch in him see wha happens wen men wear there girls clothes

  6. julieshe says:

    i still love him

  7. Jai says:

    That was rude on both of their behalfs b/c he told everyone to be quiet, but they still kept screaming. And then he’s gonna tell whoever it was not to buy any more albums although he/she spent they money on a ticket to see his sheep voiced ass.
    *i guess thats what you do when you drink cough syrup for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  8. Menaa says:

    I Kinda Feel Like HE Being Arrogant and Mean ! But Then Again That Shit Is So Fucking Funny !
    He Didn’t HAve To Say All Of That ! Thats Kinda Rude AF ! But Shit When YOu Got It Like That , You Can Say Shit Like That.

  9. NENE84 says:

    I think he should have been more caution with his choice of words to that fan. Yeah whoever that was screaming should have been quite but come on, your in the building with “lil wayne” so your a little excited. I love lil wayne, but I didn’t like the fact he told a fan NOT to be his fan anymore. Your fans are who make you who you are. I can bet money that not only did he lose the fan who was screaming, but a few more fans too!!! Benig arrogant is not cool!!!

  10. Lil Rozzy says:

    Hey he did what he did because he had to do it, I am begging to love him the more, I love you Weezy, and i think that f**king Fan should have kept his F**king mouth so we could hear what Weezy has to say, he should have allowed us Listen and it was disrespectful of him to have interrupted Weezy…

  11. Lil Rozzy says:

    To that fan, he must have felt very Embarrassed, but to me, i think he is a super fan, and a big celebrity cause everyone is talking about him…

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