Lil Wayne Shoots Seven Videos In One Night + Begs for More Twitter Followers



Lil Wayne isn’t letting his upcoming jail sentence prevent him from working hard on his career.  The homies over at posted this video of Wayne who decided to have a camera follow him during his last few days before he goes to prison. He said the fans always say that he never lets them in. So, This is him letting you guys in… Wayne breaks down his twitter name @liltunechi and tells us why he picked that name. It was given to him my his Great Grandmother.”not his Great-Grandmother” he was just saying his Grandmother was great. I am just glad that wayne is letting the world see how he’s living. Click Here To Watch the Video...

In other news a video sent to MTV News, “Weezy” and DJ Scoob Doo say they spent their Saturday shooting seven new music videos. Wayne states, quote, “I’mma show y’all the [work] ethic of a true artist. You know what I’m talkin’ about? Seven videos. I shot ten in two days before. Now we about to do seven in one night.” Lil Wayne goes on to say that he is producing a clip for his single “Runnin’,” as well as Drake’s cut “Afrika Boombatta.” During the video the “Got Money” rapper also laments his lack of MTV Video Music Awards. He tells the camera, quote, “I got a full house of BET Awards. I got one MTV award. MTV, holla atcha boy now.”

On Tuesday, Lil Wayne will be sentenced in a New York courtroom to a year behind bars for his arrest in 2007 on weapons charges. He is expected to serve eight to ten months assuming good behavior.


  1. i love wayne but damn all them tats seriously though but i aint mad at him i love his music and he go harder than any other rapper out here…

  2. I don’t know If Lil Wayne goes harder than any other rapper out here. But he speaks the truth and keeps it real.

  3. he is a great musician but he need to do something about his behaviour he is embarrasing her mum and children sleeping around with different women changing them like changing undies. he will regret when he gets hiv. watch out when he comes out of jail he is going to be starving sex for those months he will be in jail when he comes out he will be like a sprinkler sprinkling his seeds everywhere lol @lilchunechi. good music but a bad role model for his kids


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