LL Cool J’s New Book PLATINUM 360 Diet and Lifestyle



LL COOL J’s first fitness book, the New York Times best-selling LL COOL J’s Platinum Workout, showed how the superstar got and maintained his amazing physique. Now, in the next evolution of his workout philosophy, he shares the secrets that have helped him achieve his greatest goals not only in the gym, but as an actor, businessman, and multi-platinum musician. In LL COOL J’SPLATINUM 360 DIET AND LIFESTYLE, LL COOL J reveals his 360-degree program for achieving peak physical, nutritional and mental health. As LL COOL J writes in the introduction, “Think of P360 as a guide to strengthening the three pillars that make you who you are: your mind, your body, and your soul…you cannot be strong in body without being strong in mind and spirit.” In P360 LL COOL J shares these insights and shows how you can develop into your most fully realized and powerful self.



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