Love and Hip Hop Atlanta S2/E3 Recap


Mimi’s housewarming party gets way too heated, Karlie and Joseline discussed a scandalous rumor about Benzino, and the drama between Scrappy, Erica, and Momma Dee come to blows over what should have been a peaceful dinner. All this happened in 52 minutes of last night’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode. Here we go!

Momma Dee interfering in Lil Scrappy’s relationship

Scrappy tells Erica about the strategic ambush that Momma Dee and Shay brought on him in the studio, and Erica is tired of all the mess. She says she’s tired of the disrespect, and actually, so are we. The girl has the ring, she’s committed to making it official with the Scrapster, but the constant blocking from Queen Momma Dee is just straight annoying.

Erica is sick of Momma Dee

Give it a rest already! Scrappy made his decision, so deal with it. He agrees to have a dinner with Momma Dee and Mingnon, Erica’s mom, in an attempt to come to some kind of understanding and make peace. You already know that can’t possibly end well.

Mimi’s Housewarming goes wrong!

And speaking of things that didn’t end well, Mimi’s housewarming party could barely get started. Rasheeda and K. Michelle hadn’t spoken since their last fight at the LAHH reunion, but of course they still have words on Twitter and even Instagram.  Soon after they exchange a few words, K. Michelle throws a lit candle at Rasheeda. Oh, Lord Jesus, it’s a fire. Mimi couldn’t even finish her mimosa as Rasheeda was promptly escorted out by security, not before grabbing a bottle of Ace of Spades to hurl at K. We can only imagine how scenes with these two will play out for the rest of the season.

Problems in Paradise?

Karlie finally appears (we can’t say we missed her, because we didn’t) and tells Joseline that she was told by Benzino himself that he GTD.  Got the draws. Joseline, clearly annoyed, had this to say: “Why would I smash someone that ain’t got no neck? I need a neck.” Sad, but true. And so damn funny. Besides, Benzino doesn’t have the “bwead” that Joseline gets from Stevie J, who still won’t release the details of her contract. The snippet of her Reggaeton/Hip-Hop/not really sure what song she performed at a club appearance was kinda aight, but not enough to sell records. And the “gatekeeper” Stevie J knows that, which is probably why he’s keeping her on a short leash.

A family that prays together….stays together?

We can all agree that every mama in the world wants what’s best for her son. We applaud Momma Dee for showing up to Scrappy and Erica’s dinner to pass the peas and sing “Kumbayah” for Scrappy’s sake. However! Erica was clearly at her breaking point and unleashed straight fury right after they said grace! “Off with her head!” the Queen declared, as she and Scrappy were kicked out by Erica, but not before he asked for the ring back. Yes, homie asked for the ring back. Will he get it? One thing we know is that this situation will probably take all season and up until the reunion to resolve. And there probably won’t be any family dinners with this bunch anytime soon.

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  1. Did Rasheeda and K. Michelle forget they were in Mimi’s house? It was so disrespectful to almost destroy their friend’s new home. I can’t believe we are only three episodes in, and there is so much drama going on. Recently I started working a new schedule at DISH, and missed Love and Hip Hop when it aired. I’m so glad the timer on my DISH Hopper was there to record it. This DVR has the capability to record up to 2,000 hours of my favorite television shows, giving me the freedom to record the full season of LHHA, and the full seasons of my other favorite shows that air the same evening.


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