Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez Backstage Interview by Funky Dineva


Joseline Hernandez gets a quick interview backstage at the Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show by Funky Dineva who is well known for his youtube reality show recap series ‘My Hair is Laid.’

Funky Dineva held nothing back and got right to the point to tell Joseline that he doesn’t care for her due to she was screwing ‘that lady’s husband’ (that lady being Stevie J’s longtime girlfriend/Baby Momma Mimi Faust). Throughout the interview he slipped in many HOE-saline’s.

These two personalities clashed, but also were very entertaining. As reported by NecoleBitchie, Joseline answered Funky Dineva’s many questions including, why she was “screwing another woman’s man,”

I was not screwing that lady’s husband. That lady’s boyfriend, really. She calls him husband because she’s been around for 15 years but I love Mimi. She’s the baby’s mom. She’s just going to have to deal with me. I’m here to stay. I’m not going anywhere. Shout out to Mimi. At the same time, you really can’t blame everything on me. You have to see what Stevie is doing. Stevie told me that she was just the baby mom so all I was doing was going for what I feel. I love him. He’s a great person. Great sex. A great business man. I’m sorry Mimi, my bad. Damn, Get over it!”

Check out the entire video here and let us know what you think about it:


  1. This tired ass tranny trollop needs to sit down. Nobody is believing a word that comes out of your mouth. Let’s examine the lies:

    1) you say Steebie gives good sex but then you dogged him on TV insinuating he f*cked like a rabbit.

    2) you said you weren’t with Steebie which means you lied to both Karlie and Mimi and then you had the nerve to whoop Steebie’s ass when you found out Mimi lived with him. Why get jealous over a woman who is “just a baby momma”

    3) you say you made $10,000 in three songs being a stripper. Where did the money go because on the show you and Steebie insinuated that you were homeless and in financial need from him. Basically Steebie saved your butt as you were in the gutter.

    4) You say Karlie’s butt is expired but yours is all the way fake.

    5) Your name is not Josaline its Sheneka something judging by your mug shots from hoing.

    But the funniest part of all this is that you got interviewed by a fellow tranny. Yay gay! Now have a _/

  2. Oh and if you never let a man dig all up in your kitty kat (fake as it is) then of course you would have never gotten pregnant (especially since you lack a uterus).

    Bye ladyboy!


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