Mall Manager Known For Tasing Under Arrest



In more crazy news, a mall manager known for using a taser against people who refused to leave the property is now under arrest. He is widely known because he posts videos from when he tases people. The camera is ususally on his forehead and chest. Look inside to get a glimpse.

Darien Long, the mall manager, was put in jail Thursday after a confrontation with a man. This time he wasn’t able to get his taser out. However, Long was booked because the video that he recorded showed that he was in fact the agressor in this situation. Long has now been ordered to have no further contact with the victim and has a bond set at $2000.

I can’t imagine a mall cop going this hard on people. What is the world coming to?!?!?! Have you seen him before? What would you do if you were harassed like this by mall security?



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