Mariah Carey Is Pregnant



Mariah and Nick are expecting their first child. Congrats to them. It has been a long time coming for the both of them. I wonder if she is having twins? Our homie, NecoleBitchie broke the news on her site. Click the following link to see the pics and what one of her readers emailed her.
“My 13 year old brother is in the Fresh Air Fund program that always goes to Camp Mariah every year for 3 weeks. So every year for the past three years, either her or Nick (when she’s busy), comes to visit the kids, inspires them, boosts up their confidence, etc. When my brother came back from camp last week, he called me at work and all I wanted to know was “did you get to see Mariah again”! Well to my surprise he goes “She couldn’t come this year, she’s pregnant”….So I’m like “what! Thats a rumor, she’s not pregnant”. He goes “No that’s what the counselors told us! Shealso did a video conference with the camp to apologize for not making it an’d we all saw her fat belly”. LMAO @ fat belly, but yeah, from the mouth of a 13 year old, Mariah Carey is pregnant.”

Congrats to the both of them.


  1. Is she really preggers ? one minute people say she is the next minute she isn’t , And why hide it if you are!!!


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