Mary J. Blige Hit With $3.4 Million Tax Lien


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R&B singer Mary J. Blige seems to be dealing with these money related issues every day!

The more money you make the more problems you get, they say.

In addition to a major debt of $900K in back taxes that she allegedly owes the state of New Jersey, according to TMZ Mary J. has now been hit with a tax lien for over 3 milli! Reports say that she is being sued for defaulting on a $2.2 million dollar bank loan, and her charity, the Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women, is also facing a lawsuit which says it took out a $250K loan which went unpaid.

photo (13)That’s A LOT of money.

Mary J. would have to go on tour for the next two years, drop an album, hustle her perfume, and write a memoir to generate the loot to pay back all that money!

Hopefully she can set up some kind of installment plan!

Reps from Mary J. Blige’s team had no comment. We’ll keep our eyes open for any updates!

Read the rest of the TMZ article here.

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  1. I feel sorry for her because to me it seems as if she never had a team of people on her side pushing or navigating her in the right direction… that’s a shame all that money she made and she broke she doesn’t even have money on hand or saved to pay off old debt what the hell she do with her money… this crap don’t even make any since at all… Its bad that she doesn’t know how to read or speak well and this is what people do to her because of the defect she has… really hope you able to find a solution mary because this is really bad girl..

  2. I think these artist should jut do the time the irs obviously is targeting certain artist! no1 wants to go to jail but we must make a sacrifice to show them we are not afraid to do the time if need be! ask Mahammad Ali he was solid all the way…My prayers are with you Mrs. Mary you been my girl since the beginning…the hell wit em I bet you don’t even owe the amount their saying she owes!! #WhosNext


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