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McDonald’s Employees Told That, Unless Republicans Win, They Won’t Get Pay Increase


(10/29/10) These McDonald’s owners have lost their rabbit minds. They are pressing their employees to vote in their favor. This is just as bad as that Happy Meal experiment. The owners sent a letter that read:

“As the election season is here we wanted you to know which candidates will help our business grow in the future,” reads the letter. “As you know, the better our business does it enables us to invest in our people and our restaurants. If the right people are elected we will be able to continue with raises and benefits at or above our present levels. If others are elected, we will not. As always, who you vote for is completely your personal decision and many factors go into your decision.” The note ends with a list of candidates McDonald’s believes “will help our business move forward.” It names Republicans John Kasich for governor, Rob Portman for Senate, and Jim Renacci for Congress. With the letter was a biography of Renacci.On Friday, franchise owner Paul Siegfried apologized in a written statement, saying the communication was “an error of judgment on my part.” “Please know it was never my intention to offend anyone,” he added. “For those that I have offended, I sincerely apologize.” He know he has lost some investors and his mind. What do ya’ll think about it? Another post by

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