Meagan Good Saving Herself For Fiance: Wedding Night Will Be The First Time They Have Sex


Meagan Good promised herself a while back that she would not have sex again until she was married. Now, she’s engaged to Devon Franklin, she’s keeping her legs closed until her wedding day. She told Life & Style Magazine that her wedding night will be the first time the two have had sex.  I don’t know Megan.  You’re suppose to test the water before you jump in the pool.  At least feel it out to see if it’s the right…size.


  1. That is great. People think that u are suppose to test the water to see if u like it! hah!!! we need to go back to the good old days and wait to loose youre viginity to your husband. It gives men something to look forward to. Today’s society is try it, like it , then keep it (maybe) but thats how a lot of people end up with multiple sex partners! Stick to the old ways of doing things!!!! Even though she is not a virgin and he might not be one either, its still the best thing for them to do. At least that way they will be born again virgins to each other. Wedding night will be memorable, not just because they got married, but because they are doing it the right way and it will be the first time they will have intimate contact!!!! GOOD IDEA MEAGAN!!!!! THIS IS WHO YOUNG WOMEN SHOULD LOOK UP TO!!

  2. Cosign @Jessica. This trick ain’t fooling nobody. If you believe this, then i have a unicorn to sell you. Good look though but yeah….


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