MeMpHiTz aka Mickey Wright Jr. aka Former SVP of Jive Records who Gave T-Pain his Break Signing him to a Major Label


You know I didn’t know if it was me or my aging memory. I watched vh1 T-Pain behind the music and the way I recalled the way things went down back in the day. Hmmmm is it just me or was Mickey “MeMpHiTz” Wright Jr SVP of A & R at Jive Records …the same SVP that signed T-Pain to Jive Records. Well I pulled up an old you tube Video with MeMpHiTz doing an interview and check out what he had to say when giving some A&R advice as to how to approach an A & R when presenting your music. Check this out. This interview & things said were definitely not highlighted on the vH1 Behind the scenes Video. #Imjustsayin Artists??? Is it so hard to give credit & props to those instrumental in putting you on? Is this a black thing a music thing or a Universal Hateration Thang? Take a look and please let me know if this was what you got out of MeMpHiTz appearance tonight.


  1. I thought the same thing as I was watching last night’s episode of VH-1 Behind the Music….I was like Hold Up, I thought he was signed by Memphitz. However, he didn’t give Memphitz that acknowledgment, so It had to hurt!!!…But success brings the snakes out. Keep Your Head Up Memphitz!

  2. It honestly just seems as if Memphitz hasnt recieved the accolades due to him in general; i mean, you shouldnt have to be in all of your artist videos to recieve your due credit… Damn T-pain… Why man?
    Memphitz and Toya stay up! Love u two together.


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