Mississippi Hate Crime – Supremacist Beating and Running Over Black Man

James Craig Anderson, a 49-year-old plant worker, was standing in a parking lot in Jackson, Mississippi, when two carloads of white youth rolled up on his and started beating him to a pulp. While beating him, they screamed racial slurs at him and yelled “white power.” After beating him, the main instigator and driver of a Ford 250 truck, allegedly ran over Anderson as he stumbled away from the scene, crushing him with the car and killing him.

The teens were partying in a nearby mostly white county, when 18-year-old Deryl Dedmon told some of his friends, “let’s go f&*% with some niggers.”

The thing is, the whole incident was caught on video! A nearby surveillance camera caught the whole thing! Check out the video:

This is real sad. And to those that say we live in a post-racial society, I think they need to check again.


8 responses to “Mississippi Hate Crime – Supremacist Beating and Running Over Black Man”

  1. Ateya says:

    JUST HORRIBLE! RIP Mr. Anderson & Bless Him Family

  2. anon says:

    So very sad and terrible. God bless his soul and his family. Absolutely tragic.

  3. RedDiamond says:

    Those boys should get the same treatment that mr anderson got. RIP Mr. Anderson my prayer is with his family.

  4. MeMe says:

    And the mother stated, “My son is NOT A RACIST, he just got caught up in the WRONG CROWD!”

    You will be someone’s GIRLFRIEND in prison.

  5. Naturalbeauty says:

    OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! Look this is getting out of hand! If you are not happy with your lie, if you don’t like other races, then kill your DAMN SELF!!! Why hurt or kill someone who does not know you and who has not hurt or threaten you??? These white boys are SICK and they are going to be Craig and them B***Hes in the pen for real!!! I just really don’t know why people can’t get pass race, damn do they not know blacks are here to stay so ether work with us, work around us, or don’t call it work at all but no matter what you do, we ain’t going nowhere!!!

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  6. megashay says:

    What they shoulda did was pull up in a hood in Mississippi instead of f-in wit an old man. See what you won’t do is pull up on “the block” and fuck with some thug “nigga’s”. They’dda had something for there ass. Oh let’s get the first black man we see, they lucky the aint pull on a nigga wit that AK, then the headlines on cnn would read “Black man kills to car loads of white teens for no reason. They not goin charge those guys with nothing. They goin get a slap on the wrist. They goin make one of them pay for all of them. He’ll stay in jail for about 2yrs it’ll die down and he’ll go free. SAD

  7. Hal says:

    Four more black fatalities today in Jackson,MS.

    “Family members identified the victims as 28-year-old Dominique Henderson; her daughter Akyerria, 7; and her three sons Bryceston, 4, Cylor, 3, and Ethan, 2”

    Father nowhere to be found, family in public housing, mom on “disability”, food stamps and medicaid….and now four less future thugs.

  8. eddie adelstein says:

    I would hope that all those involved in the beating as well as the two in the killing car would be indicted as accessories to this terrible crime. If these had been African-Americans who committed this crime all would be arrested and serve at least 20 – 25 years, while the driver of the killing car would serve at least 50. This is really a test case to see if there is justice in the south. The cars involved are pretty expensive and certainly their families may have been culpable for allowing this to occur. The whole world is watching. American deserves better than this. Punishment should be swift and without mercy.We are all watching. There is no defense that provides relief for these criminals.

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